Vancouver 2010: False Security, Real Terror.

A preemptive strike on how a possible false flag terror event could happen at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Vancouver 2010: False Security, Real Terror will look into the explosives that were "missing" then "found" but now admitted by the RCMP are still missing. Different security firms and their ties to intelligence communities not to mention how these are familiar groups, These same people were behind the 9/11 false flag events and 7/7 bombings either directly or found to be helping cover up valuable information that would point out the real attackers. NORAD and NORTHCOM will also be included in the film, we will update as we make films with the news if the facts change we will keep the film as updated as possible before the release date of February 11th. Please contribute information and footage. Help us fight these globalists.

Look up how Hercules Powder turned into Dyno Nobel and how the founder's son is a CIA Asset and how Kinder Morgan has ties to the Carlyle group, which stood to benefit from the 9/11 false flag attacks.

some other names coming up I've seen and looked at briefly are:

Verint. A Mossad front company that took part in 9/11 and 7/7, their security cameras "mysteriously failed"

Peter Power Visor Consultants who ran drills simulating the same bombings on 7/7 while at the actual bombings took place at the EXACT SAME TIME will be at the Vancouver 2010 games as well.

Oh yeah and the small fact that Harper has suspended parliament which gives him dictatorial powers (click green text for video clip).  No big deal.

(Thanks goes to a man under the username: Steeper33 for the video clip)

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