Hola Señor Bin Laden!

Folks, this is taking a big turd and rubbing it in our faces.

 The title reads (click text for original article):

"Spanish MP's photo used for Osama Bin Laden poster"

I can't make this stuff up, now even though most people know AL-C.I.A.DA is a database

The fraud doesn't stop there, it's even coming out their PR image Bin Laden who is used to justify the war on terror (blowing up women and children in hospitals) with "surgical" strikes of course, is a fraud in at least one sense. There's been images of him showing up where he is young, then years later, old (makes sense right?) but then shows up young again looking completely different. So apparently terrorists also have rejuvenation abilities as well. You can just never tell with those darn "terrorists" and now this latest article is stating that the FBI is openly admitting that the picture of him was manufactured.

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