Vancouver 2010: False Security, Real Terror. Trailer

A work in progress, I'm trying to make things look as professional as possible, but so far it is just myself working on the film...I would really appreciate any sort of support. I have seen people linking to my videos recently and my thanks goes out to those who have done so. People can help by sending any info (with some evidence would be nice) or any clips of news broadcasts based around the subjects in the trailer or anything relative to the Olympics and the police state it is bringing with it. I want to have high quality video clips and would like to avoid using anything (like the basic images) that make the film appear low quality because I do have the time and investment into this. Without further ado here is the trailer:

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contrarymary said...

This is good quality Marc, because it is raw and reality. Quit worrying about professionalism...that can lead to political correctness, and we don't want that! Just keep on with how you are doing it. Excellent job! We must keep our eyes open and ears to the ground. Oh! I'm jane do on facebook by the way.

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