Social Engineering And The Cost Of Living

Article By: Ryan Pennington

A lot of people interpret life as something that is constantly evolving, and that is true to an extent. However today I would like to go into the aspects of Social Engineering and why human beings as a whole have been lead by themselves (or others) into repeating what no human has ever seemingly been able to overcome: being human.

Now you may think I'm trying to come off as ironic but that is only partially true. What I mean by that is simply that people, for the longest time have found their identity through other human beings. We identify and gather our own sanity or insanity based on what other people believe, not because it is right or wrong (morally or out of factuality) to us.

There is an inherent flaw in this that is apparently obvious, get many to do/believe something and the rest shall (should) theoretically follow. This is how fads and trends are manufactured, created, and then used as they are intended. To have leaders (the few) of said group identity and the followers (the many) of the said group identity take a complicated process and make it simple. Control the leaders of something and you control the rest of the population of that group, whether it be political, economical, social, scientific, religious, or otherwise. The group is a flaw in of itself because there is usually a central control structure that can be changed to reflect what the person outside of the group wants that group to do. Even the people that are independent enough to think for themselves are usually left with a feeling of bitterness and loneliness, this is also a tool that the social engineers use because it incites fear and depression which causes the alert individual to conform back into society through at least one aspect of their life (family, friends, spouse, work place, music, movie) So as you can see it's a culture of someone's design built for us to live in and if we fall out of line we are immediately brought back in by ourselves or others. The people enforce their own status quo not the owners, this is a key element in maintaining a society that is not eclectic but similar in thought processes and easy to control.

This is the concept of social engineering and it is being used against us today.

Tribal Institutions such as sport teams, the political left-right paradigm we have in society, TV shows, movies, music, the field is irrelevant. As human beings we cheer for a certain team and that's what separates us from who WE are because we identify with others. It's a war against ourselves, what we see in others that reminds us of ourselves in fact what separates us from who we are to begin with. What social engineers do to de-construct us and re-construct us all the time in their image is a relatively simple process if you take the time to analyze what's going on.

It's a two part system and most people only look at one aspect or the other but not both, first when we live our lives vicariously through other people we relinquish a part of ourselves and become spectators rather than participants this makes us more docile to what is going on in the world regardless of whether we agree with it or not, the next system is to get the other spectators to agree but you see, we've already agreed if we are both spectators then we have already relinquished that control of ourselves we bring the focus from ourselves to someone else which leaves us open to attack.

As an example of culture of any sort (film is just one example) If I am to watch a movie and that movie is merely a drama, something that has no effect on my actual life then I don't criticize or pick apart piece by piece and fact check it, because it's not my life or I look at it as merely fictitious. But all the ideas and culture of the film are real, so our brains while left in this "neutral" state download all these ideals from the films without processing them on a logical level, we merely take them in on an emotional level which sets us up. We are lead to believe something we would otherwise not believe had we checked the facts. So when I present you with a true setting in a false reality or vice-versa it doesn't become about your perspective, your ideals, or your beliefs, or even the facts. It revolves around the person who crafted that reality, and that's where the kicker comes in, because you relinquished that control through spectating it is no longer your reality, it is THEIR (the controller's) reality, and because we judge our own sanity on what other followers and leaders think of the controller's reality we compensate our own reality and this is how we are controlled by just being human.

This then breaks off into two branches:

The people that choose to live their (the controller's) reality, or to live their own individual reality. People that choose to live by the controller's reality are in a comatose state in the sense that they could never answer the question why they are here on this earth, or justify their existence beyond what 99% of people would also describe which at some point or another just falls under "living to live" and as I've established "living to live" can easily be co-opted by someone else's reality you may see yourself as "Diana The Waitress" or "Joe The Barber" or even "John The Stock Broker" but you're all being used by the same manipulators. Because people are already identifying themselves with titles given to them by someone else you can see how cut and dry this really is, and if you're in this mentality it will be impossible for you to comprehend what I am getting at because it takes an awakening of sorts to come to a different take on life, this is not something that has to do with my ego, I do not believe myself to be superior in terms of intellect to everyone else, merely that I have come to this conclusion before anyone else (that I am aware of) out of reasoning that is different than most, In order to be truly free and who we are (in actuality the real meaning of independence) live without restraints.

Don't ever for a second ignore your existence. if you have an urge, fulfill it. If you are awake to what is going on in the world and how wrong it is, don't let fear paralyze you. Now this may seem like the "you can be whatever you want to be" mantra line, but I assure you it's not. It is completely different. I will isolate it by pointing out the reality you live now under the controller's reality as opposed to what you could be experiencing.

So what is "their" reality and what is the price of living in their reality? Debt, now this may seem stereotypical to someone that just overlooks this but you truly have to understand even if you know that international bankers control our society, we will never be free just because they are no longer in the picture, if we miraculously beat them tomorrow, life would not change for the better in the long term, merely the short term.


The Answer To Life Is And Always Has Been: Life IS Debt.

You pay for your house, for your food, people know this...accept this...but all the sudden bankers making you run out of these things is morally "Bankrupt" pardon the lame pun but look at the way you analyze things and realize whether you believe in this "conspiracy" or not, your life IS debt, it's undeniable we live so we can work ourselves to death (slavery) to pay off the debt (food for survival, buildings for shelter) that is our life, so under these set of standards whether you're a follower, a leader, or even a madison avenue reality maker, under your definition of life the meaning to life can only be one thing: death.

You live to do the same thing until the day you die.

So before we worry about anything else we need to realize, human beings need to restart and realign their priorities because to me "living to live" is really just living to die, and what's the point in that? Especially if you don't like what you're doing in your life or where your life is going. Let's stop wasting our energy on things that our subjective and start focusing on the facts. Let's make life about not having to be in debt to life itself.

If we can get our stuff together as a collective consciousness we can go far off into space and live forever with nano-technology or as individuals we can live our life through other people and allow ourselves to be raped by the false reality makers, as for myself...If putting this droplet of a thought into the ocean helps, so be it.

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Marcia Johnson said...

Hey there, this is so very sad.... I wrote a blog about the scanners called Travesty at the Airports !

Thank YOU for BEing strong enough to share your thoughts with us. Opening a conversation about this, may stop it from happening.... Keep talking. Humbly Yours, Marcia

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